Minecraft Regrowth Episode 5

If you were waiting for us to screw up, we’re starting to get the hang of it now. Screwing up that is not the game. Petals, Plants. What’s the difference anyway? They’re all just numbers in a database. Please don’t shout at the screen.

How To Murder Time 131

Each week that passes means another podcast must be made until the end of our sentences, so this week we’ve been looking at 2013’s Tomb Raider, the last Wolfenstein and the latest Homeworld.

Our lawyers have asked us to make it clear that we admit no responsibility for accidentally creating a power leveling machine out of one listener after an off hand comment last week. Sorry. It was all Tim. He’s the monster, not Jon. Which is the kind of thing you can say without disagreement when you write the show notes.

I don’t think anybody actually reads shownotes anyway.

Portal 2 Co-Op Episode 12

Speed gel is your friend. Do not question the speed gel. Do question the sudden deceleration from the speed gel though.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 4

We’re continuing on with Botania, which of course means more seeds and slight bickering.

Portal 2 Co-Op Episode 11

We’ve unlocked gels, so bouncing wildly out of control is the only way to solve problems now.

How To Murder Time 130

Is there ever a week where Tim isn’t grinding out a new ship or something in a Star Trek Online event, and how are The Division and The Witness?


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 3

It’s time for some magic, so it’s onto Botania

Portal 2 Co-Op Episode 10

The testing continues…

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 2

There comes a time in every regrowth playthrough where you have to think about seeds. So many seeds…

How To Murder Time 129

We’re on a slightly retro feeling theme today with the Lego Dimensions Ghost Busters pack, a modern game based on an 80s film, Bladerunner, a 90s game based on an 80s film and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, which is a modern game based on a 90s cutscene.