Minecraft Regrowth Episode 35

The new Botania mana generation facility goes online, I’m sure it’s not dangerous at all, and it’s time to start Thaumcraft as well.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 34

More Botania. More nether ores. More death?

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 33

We’ve upgraded our Botania mana generation, and now it’s on to robots to help us with farming. Automate everything!

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 32

Let’s get these Bees all finished and over with. I’m sure it’ll not lead to any inconvenient deaths or anything.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 31

It’s oil, fish and bees this time.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 30

More steam power!

How To Murder Time 140

They’ve added making stuff into Planetside 2 so the Friday night game group went to take a look. Meanwhile Forza 6 Apex released on PC as a beta, so is the free to play elements any better than when Forza 5 launched? Finally there’s adventuring to be done in Divinity: Original Sin.

Here’s the video version for those of you you like pictures.


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 29

It’s time to move on with metals, towards Steel and Titanium. There is, of course, a few more seeds too but the end is in sight for them…

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 28

We’re still in the nether looking for ores, which means lots of running away from Lava and being killed by dogs it seems.

How To Murder Time 139

This week we’re talking about the first DLC missions for Just Cause 3 and why it’s not as good as 2, why Carmageddon Reincarnation doesn’t feel great and why Tim can’t get on with Rocket League.

There’s also a bit of a rant about VR and how The Vanishing of Ethan Carter manages to get it so wrong control wise (at least on the the Rift), and why this is a big problem with VR as a whole.